Infographic: The Importance Of Being On LinkedIn

Infographics have been around for ages, however it has only recently taken my interest.

Setting up my new website I was researching all the different ways I could market myself. I kept coming across infographics, so by nature I started to dig deeper. And I found that… infographics can capture your audience a lot more than ‘bog standard’ text!

So I found as many as I could through Pinterest and started to collect them to use for inspiration.
Then I got daring and decided to design one on, the importance of LinkedIn. So here it is, check it out and let me know what you think.

If you’re looking for a new marketing technique, or just needing an infographic making to suit you then drop me a message as I would love to help!

The Importance Of Being On LinkedIn

Dean Lynn

Dean is passionate about all things inbound marketing, user experience, and conversion rate optimisation. Dean is a Christian. Husband. Father. Lives in Peterborough, UK. Search at Datify.